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Through global sourcing, we supply basic clothing and fashion items to group Lotte¡¯s retail channels including, Lotte Mart, Lotte Department Store, Vic Market etc.

We deal with companies worldwide: PB clothing from China and Southeast Asia, luxury apparel from the United States and Europe, living goods from Japan. Currently, we are aiming to become the No.1 sourcing agent of group Lotte.


Lotte Mart Basic Clothing and Fashion Items

Through license contracts with famous global animation character brands, such as Disney, Warner Brother, Marvel, etc., Lotte International sources and supply basic clothing, sports wear, socks, and other innerwear products, in line with the ever changing market trend.

Department Store Select Shop Fashion Items

We are providing our customers with global fashion brands, by sourcing and supplying overseas luxury fashion brands to select shops in the Lotte Department store.