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Since FTA opened the global agricultural markets, during the 2000s, the demand of imported fruits has increased extremely.

Lotte International, therefore, has been dealing fresh imported fruits such as oranges, cherries, grapes, blueberries, and etc., after going through a strict quality examination. The fruits are promptly imported and distributed to local markets. Moreover, we are consistently looking for, and developing new fruit products from world wide.


1) Orange : We import Navel oranges, through December-May, and Valencia oranges through June-November, both from California, USA.

2) Cherry : We import Brook, Tulare, and Bing breeds from California, Oregon, and Washington, and distribute them to the local market.

3) Grape : We directly import green grapes, red grapes and Kyoho grapes from the middle land of Chile from January-May.

4) Blueberry : Throughout the year, we import frozen blueberries from the USA, from July-September we import fresh blueberries.

5) Others : Diverse tropical fruits, such as dragon fruit and papayas, are being discovered and developed for our customers.